Long term care needs – the wild card of financial planning

Nothing is going to send a financial plan into a “crash & burn” faster than a disabling sickness or accident.  Even when you have medical insurance, you still have to worry about the costs of nursing homes, assisted care facilities and home health care — none of which are covered by most medical insurance policies, including Medicare.

What a difference a good p & c agent can make?

As a former licensed agent, in the distant past for a short while, and former lecturer on insurance planning you would have thought that my auto and homeowner’s policies were probably as good as value as you could get.  And still I felt like I was paying more than necessary.  So when an associate, Stafford Jacobs offered to review my coverage I took him up on his offer. READ MORE

Insuring your health – protecting your pocket book

While brainstorming/networking with a group of women business owners I found that what we all paid for health insurance was really across the board:  And I was pretty confident that this was a group of similar age and that we all enjoyed good health.  By across the board, I mean that some of us were paying around $200 per month and others were paying $800 per month.  And the later group could not exactly explain why they were paying so much more. READ MORE

Annuities…the evil step mother of the investment community just may be cinderella for some retirees


I have found investment advisors who swear by annuities and other investment advisors that just plain swear when you use the (A) annuity word. And in defense of the latter, they are asked to unwind purchases with high expense loaded annuities that charge a second load to get out of the contract. And typically surrendering the annuity is necessary. The annuity is illiquid and the entirety of the client’s investment portfolio was placed in the annuity. So the client paid too much and now has no access to their money. That left a crowd of advisors to sing the praises of the annuity, “They accumulate tax deferred.” And “You may even be able to guarantee the cash flow.” READ MORE

When an insurance policy does double duty

There was a time that financial planning meant a talk on the back porch with a family elder. And today, financial planning means getting the assistance of a professional. And the trick seems to be finding the right type of professional as well as someone you can trust and understand. Some times you need the specialist and some times you need a more comprehensive approach.

Let me give you an example. READ MORE