Moon Doggie, Get Your Board ‘cause the Home Equity Amortization Wave is Coming

Amortization sounds like a nerdy, financial term. It’s really a simple way to describe the process of paying off of debt in regular installments over a period of time according to Investopedia. Home equity lines of credit are debt. So, how and when are they paid off, other than when a home sells? Unfortunately that’s a question to which too many homeowners have given too little consideration. READ MORE

What a difference a good p & c agent can make?

As a former licensed agent, in the distant past for a short while, and former lecturer on insurance planning you would have thought that my auto and homeowner’s policies were probably as good as value as you could get.  And still I felt like I was paying more than necessary.  So when an associate, Stafford Jacobs offered to review my coverage I took him up on his offer. READ MORE