Budgeting Plan

So what’s so tough about budgeting?  Why would anyone need help?  It’s simple.  Maybe:

  • You never find yourself with money left over at the end of the month no matter how hard you try,
  • You and your partner can’t seem to agree on a budget, and you need someone to facilitate the conversation,
  • You’ve accumulated debt or are running out of cash.  You are unsure how to dig out of your difficulties and/or don’t know what options are available to you.

My experience is that most people underestimate their expenses and make some pretty common mistakes: they use their checkbook balance to manage their spending; they don’t take in consideration changes in their tax liabilities; they don’t plan for the fixed, large and infrequent expenses.  Often, clients have used up their savings accounts and/or run up debt in order to fund excessive spending.  With today’s credit card rates, you can find yourself in the danger zone fast.  It’s a lot like being in front of a huge wave that is about to crash down upon you.

My clients appreciate the help I offer:

  • Assistance to get them organized and develop a budget that includes ALL the spending,
  • Projections that demonstrate the impact of their choices,
  • An independent look at their spending choices and recommendations that they may not have considered
  • Suggestions on how to spend less to buy the same or similar products and services they use each day.
  • Hearing from a neutral party, outside the relationship, that change is necessary.

So don’t wait for a big wave to wash over you and swamp your boat.  Call me to schedule an appointment to help you prepare for and manage the waves in your budgeting life.

Budgeting Plan – Preparation of a “Top Down” and a “Bottom Up” projection of your spending.  You provide an item by item spending plan that gives us the “Bottom Up” number; and I compare your numbers against you bank account statements, credit cards  and commitments to confirm the reasonableness of your spending.  Development of a sinking fund to pay infrequent expenses, as well as account projections to include which ongoing bills will be paid from each specific account.

Price:  $2,400 package including (3) one hour sessions, plus 12 months of unlimited email and telephone support or $220/hour