Investment Planning

I strongly believe that most individuals can learn to manage their own portfolios.  It’s important that they have a balanced asset allocation, use low cost ETF’s or mutual funds, and are passive investors.  Sound complicated? Even if you don’t understand all those terms, I can still help you to spend less to manage your investments.  Here’s how I can help.

I believe that you are best served by allocating your assets among different types of investments to diversify and reduce risk, and that you are more likely to maximize returns by mirroring the stock market than by trying to anticipate what the stock market will do. Many people can self-manage with some help from an independent hourly planner such as me.  We build the framework for a portfolio by deciding how much to invest in different investment categories, drawing from a list of ETF’s or other  mutual funds tailored for your needs.  Caveat: I will need a basic information about your financial position and to know when you will need to liquidate your investments.

You will need to re-visit, or rebalance, your portfolio every six to twelve months to maintain the investment category percentages.  Also, you are responsible for implementing the plan we work out together.  I can help you in both cases with ongoing consultation and a six to twelve months review of your investments.

What does this accomplish?  It takes the emotion and guessing out of investing.  No more buy high and sell low.  That’s the toughest part of investing – not panicking when your investments go down and chasing expensive investments that have been performing well in the short term.

Perhaps you just want someone to take care of things so you don’t need to think about your investments.  Maybe you want someone who will forward investment reports on a periodic basis, but will charge you, maybe, as much as 1% of your total assets.  That’s an investment advisor who holds your assets with a custodian for you. They may or may not get your permission before making changes to your portfolio.  That’s not me.

Still unsure about what you want or need?  Let’s talk in person at no cost to you.  Let’s see if there is a way to make your investments work harder for you in accordance with your tolerance for risk and your investment goals.

Asset Allocation and Investment Recommendations

  • Review of your investment portfolio for cost and tax efficiencies;
  • Recommended changes to balance risk and reward so the portfolio is more in line with your risk tolerance;
  • Analysis of your portfolio performance and whether you are sufficiently diversified;
  • Specific holding recommendations including providing an investment model.

Price: $1,000 – $2,000 or $220/hour

Assistance with Plan Implementation

Often, clients need additional assistance once the plan is delivered in setting up investment accounts or in making changes or clarifying recommendations.  If you make a timely effort to implement the recommendations, and you require help, I will be available at no additional cost for the first six months after the plan is delivered.  Most likely, we can work over the phone or via email, but if an in-person appointment is needed, there will not be a charge.