Plotting Your Course

Once we’re clear that we want to work together, and we have signed the documents, we can extend the meeting to include my review of the documents you brought.  This is a great opportunity for me to gather more insights about your needs and concerns.

When Our Work Begins

While we will have as many face-to-face meetings as necessary, most of the planning work happens when we are not together.  What am I doing during this time?  Analysis

I will prepare a snapshot of where you are today.  It will include:

  • A Net Worth Statement, a list of assets and debt that you owe
  • An Income Statement that lists your income
  • A Monthly Spending Plan or Budget
  • A current Asset Allocation, including a breakdown of your investments by investment category.

I will review these documents in person or via the phone/internet depending upon your preference and how complicated your circumstances are.

Then I will prepare projections of your net worth, taxes and cash flow tailored to strategies that you are either considering and/or that I am recommending.  These reports will be accompanied by a customized explanation of how each specific strategy or scenario may be advantageous or disadvantageous for you.

Second Meeting

I will review with you the reports and recommendations that I have prepared.  This will allow us to develop an action plan to implement the recommendations.


As your circumstances change you will need to make changes to your financial plan.  I will be available to evaluate the need to make adjustments when we get together once a year or as the need arises.