Services I Offer

So what is a Financial Plan anyway?  It’s a tool that guides you on your financial path and it is as unique as the people involved.

Financial plans can – and should – be as individual as you.  Here are some of the typical plans I produce:

Comprehensive Financial Plan – This work is something like putting each piece of your financial puzzle under a magnifying glass:  your budget/cash flow, retirement planning, investments, insurance protection, tax planning, education or college savings, and estate planning.  READ MORE

Retirement Plan – This package focuses on the sustainability of your current spending in the context of funding your retirement goals.  We look at your budget and evaluate different scenarios that you may be considering such as buying a house, moving out of state, or funding your children’s college expenses.  READ MORE

Budgeting Plan – Give yourself 12 months to work with a professional to compile a sustainable budget and to learn the tools to manage your spending.  READ MORE

Investment Plan –  a review of your investment portfolio for cost and tax efficiencies, recommendations of changes to balance risk and reward so the portfolio is more in line with your risk tolerance, as well as an analysis of the performance of your portfolio and whether you are sufficiently diversified.  READ MORE

One way to explore whether financial planning might be right for you is to purchase my introductory product, Financial Planning Needs Analysis.