“Found” dollars in the medicine cabinet

While your goal to spend less money may seem impossible, this worthwhile goal could become a little easier when broken down into small steps.

For example — why not take a small step into the bathroom.

One great place to look for potential savings is on items that you ALWAYS have to buy over and over. Items for your personal care and grooming fit into this category, big-time.

Want to start save money in a very painless way? Here are a few tips to get started on all the savings that could be hiding in your medicine cabinet:

Shampoo — I would not recommend you stop shampooing to save money. I would recommend that you look for a lower cost product that might work for you. You could be surprised! I use to think that spending less meant a harsh and drying shampoo. Then I tried Trader Joe’s Refresh shampoo and conditioner.
Savings: Redken’s Fresh Curls Shampoo $!9 on Amazon for 33 oz or $10 for 10 oz.
vs. Trader Joe’s Refresh $2.49 for 16 oz.

More Highlights In Your Hair– Want to bring out the natural highlights in your hair without the high costs of a salon? If you’re a blond, try putting lemon juice on your hair and sitting out in the sun for an hour or two. If you’re a brunette, try vinegar. [If you’re sailor, don’t bother. The salt water will more than do the trick.]
Savings: Salon Highlights cost as much as $100 – $200
vs. the cost of one lemon or one cup of vinegar

More Shine and Less Frizz – I’ve been warned about straightening hair with the harsh chemicals in an expensive Brazilian blowout. You can still enjoy smooth and well conditioned hair using Moroccan Oil, a product that can be purchased for as little as $16.00. It’s a weekly beauty indulgence that leaves my hair in great shape and smelling wonderful.
Savings: Brazilian Blow-Out $200 – $300
vs. Moroccan Oil $16 for .85 oz.

Moisturizers – If you buy department store moisturizers you probably find that the longer you use the product line the more products you have to buy. Why not try replacing eye make-up remover with baby oil? The baby oil works well and it’s a great moisturizer. Be aware that there is a scent in this product. In a pinch, I am not above using olive oil.
Savings: Clarins Eye Make Up Remover $26 for 4.2oz
vs. Johnsons & Joseph Baby Oil $2 for 20 oz.

Remember when you were a kid and used Vaseline petroleum jelly for lip gloss? Well, it still makes a great lip moisturizer you can use at night. Want to look younger? Then moisturize those lips!
Savings: *Philosphy’s Hope in a Tube eye and lip cream $33 for .5 oz.
vs. *Carol’s Daughter Unscented Body Jelly $15 for 16 oz.
vs. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly $2 for 2.5 oz.

* Both products are sold at Sephora.

Not all these ideas will work for everyone. Still, if you start thinking “simple,” there will be more room in your medicine cabinet, and fewer charges on your credit card.

Now that’s beautiful!