Telephone service – too many charges, bills for too little convenience

I maintain two telephone lines because I don’t want to give up my business telephone number. I also had maintained two phone cards for long distance.  You know, just in case one is full.  And I was getting (4) ongoing bills for just telephone.  I was paying extra for a voice mail box, insurance, in case, the telephone wires in my 50 year old house failed and I did not have call forwarding.

Most of my communication is by email for business so the land line really had a high cost per call.  It also drove me a little nuts that I would miss to many calls when the called rolled to voice mail so quickly.  AT&T had been able to offer any assistance.  What a surprise.

So, let’s summarize:  Paying too much for minimal usage – dissatisfaction with the voice mail – no caller I.D. and expensive long distance – (4) monthly bills.

SOLUTION:  A friend suggested a VOIP (VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL) phone line which costs only $30.00 per month for unlimited domestic long distance, caller I.D and voice mail.  I get the voice mail messages emailed to my computer as well.

  • For those of you not ready to give up a land line it’s a great compromise.
  • And for those of you, who do a lot of long distance calling, it’s simple and there are no additional charges for long distance.  And you don’t need to convince anyone why THEY need to start using their computer to call you or receive your calls.

Estimated Monthly Savings:  $30 minimum