Keeping your financial act together in difficult times

I am all about helping my clients move forward financially.  It’s my way to touch people’s lives in a significant way.  I feel that I have found my work.  Unfortunately, individuals are often referred to me for work that I am not the best resource.

can help people in a number of ways:

  • Get control of their spending.
  • Create a map of how they are going to reach that next financial goal whether it’s funding retirement, college educations or getting out of debt.
  • Stop the nagging feeling that their assets are positioned wrong or that they are missing out on how to save on taxes. 

I have not helped, with the exception of one client, people that don’t make enough money for whatever reason. 

  • May be they no longer believe that they can change their circumstances.
  • May be they believe they can change and yet never really effect the changes they want.

My feeling is that beliefs are reinforced by the emotions that drive the behavior.  Sometimes the problem does not manifest itself directly in an individual’s personal finances.  When you need help with your beliefs about money or when your emotions lead to self-destructive fiscal behavior you may want to contact Kamila Harkavy, She’s a Certified Transformational Coach, Money Coach, NLP Master, & Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner with tools to discover and transform your beliefs rapidly and permanently.

Sometimes people are referred to me who are unhappy or unmotivated because they have lost the fire in their belly or they can’t visualize what it is that they want for themselves.  Being out of touch with an inspiring vision is getting in the way of them being good financial stewards.

Linda Anderson, MBA,, can help you realize what you really want to do with your life and how to prosper from it.  She can help you create both a life vision and business plan based on your gifts and passions, grounded in financial reality.

I do want to help everyone get the help they need so that they are ready to work with me to build their financial road map.  I apologize for the oversimplification in my descriptions of the work Linda and Kamila do.  I suggest that you investigate their web pages and talk directly to them.  In the next ezine I here discuss how to get the help you need when you’re self-employed and your business needs a jump start.