Controlling what you can in uncertain times – cash flow as your financial foundation:


While we can’t control the economy, there is something you can do in response to what many people feel is a financial Armageddon. You can take control of your spending by developing a spending plan.Notice that I call it a spending plan instead of a budget. That’s because there is just some bad association with the word “budget”. Instead of the punishment of a budget, think of a spending plan as a tool to make you aware of your total spending, and facilitate conscious choices. Here’s how I can help my clients get control of their spending.First, I have clients do a “Bottom Up” spending plan that includes many categories that prompt their memory for frequent small and/or large infrequent expenses. It includes lines for income, taxes, and savings. Before it’s returned it to me, my clients will have a realistic idea of their real spending.Second, we may take a look at 3 – 6 months of statements for checking accounts and credit account or equity line statements to put a total number on the total spending or cash flow. I call this the “Top Down” approach.

When the two approaches get the same number, then we know we’ve identified current spending.

Finally, I work with clients to facilitate their choices/revisions in their current spending to develop a spending plan that helps them reach their financial goals.
If you feel like you would like to get control of your spending, or perhaps you feel that you’re ready to get realistic answers to tough questions like “Am I still on track to retire or to pay for my kid’s college education(s)?” or “Are we spending too much and saving too little?” this is how we get started. I offer a Cash Flow Management package at $900 or less. If we can complete our work together in less than six hours then you pay less.

Ready to take on and take control of your spending? Get in touch.