FAQs – About

Is there a license for financial planners?

Yes,  a Certified Financial Planner® must pass an extensive exam and meet industry experience requirements.  And the Certified Financial planner must continue studies in their field to maintain that license.

Are financial planners regulated?

I am a Registered Investment Advisor with the State of California.  It means that I need to comply with standards of performance as well as disclosure about how I operate my business.  This includes making one form that I file with the state, Form ADV, available to you upon request.

Am I a Fee Only Financial Planner? Yes.

Will I put my client’s interest above her own interests? Yes.

I conform to the guidelines of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) the only financial planners’ professional association that requires a review of a financial plan by our peers before admittance and the acceptance of a fiduciary oath.

How do I give back to the field of financial planning?

I was an adjunct faculty member at Golden Gate University in the Masters of Science Financial Planning program for insurance and estate planning.  I also taught at University of California Extension.

And I served as a board member of the San Francisco chapter of the FPA (Financial Planning Association) chairing the Sponsorship Committee.

Where did I get the necessary experience?

  • Six years in my own practice as an independent financial planner preceded by four years as a paraplanner (think “As a paralegal is to a lawyer…) for other financial planners
  • Ten years of financial services sales experience. 

What is my educational background?

I have a Bachelor of Arts from University of California at Santa Barbara in Business Economics with an Accounting Emphasis.

What do I do for fun?

If I am not on the water I like to hike the trails on Mt. Tamalpais and entertain friends in my home.  I am grateful for having moved to Marin County in 1997.  I have found my home, my community and my spiritual practice here.  And as a financial planner, I have found my way to make a difference in people’s lives.

Why am I so enthusiastic about racing sailboats on the Bay?

Most weekends you can find me out on the Bay racing sailboats.  It’s a great sport that allows me to work closely within a team as we push the boat and sometimes the team to its limits.  It’s a great community of people who share a passion and that know how to have fun together.