Saving money on Rx – my wallet is feeling better already

What’s better than saving money on a $1,000 purchase? Saving on a $1,000 purchase you make year after year. For me, and most likely, a good portion of our aging population, prescription drugs is just such an expense, so I was especially excited to hear that there are websites that will tell me what local pharmacy has the lowest price for a prescription.One site,, told me that I could spend as little as $89.00 for my prescription. I had currently been paying $98.36 since I had insurance. (It would be $124.99 without the insurance.) So that was helpful, except that the best price vendor is not a local pharmacy.

The next best price was at the pharmacy I currently use for $93.98, but I had to use a coupon. It seemed worth the effort to save almost $5.00. The coupon would be especially helpful, if I had no health insurance coverage. Possible savings for an uninsured person: $31.01 monthly. Possible savings for me, due to my health insurance coverage savings, $4.38 monthly.

If the best price was an online vendor, why not investigate more online choices. My next step was to visit I discovered what thousands of senior citizens already know. Prescription drugs are cheaper in Canada! The best price available, sold by a Canadian company to a United States citizen, was $26.50 if I purchased three months at a time. Possible savings for an uninsured person: $285.47 for three months and $1,141.88 annually. Possible savings for me, due to my health insurance coverage savings, $205.50 for three months and $822.32 annually.

Well, if having health insurance saves me on my prescriptions and buying the prescriptions through the mail savings me money, I wondered if buy my prescription online through my insurance company if it would the Trifecta of prescription savings! It was a bust. While my insurance company offered to save me time, they offered no dollar savings. What’s my plan going forward? I will do my own ordering online and save time AND money.

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